Friday, August 9, 2013

Pottery Barn knock off sign

Guess what?!?
I think I figured out how to use my cricut!!
I know.. I know... it is pretty easy!!
I guess you can say I am a quitter. If I have a hard time learning something new,
I just give up. I do eventually get back to it!

I was given a Cricut for Christmas from my mother in law a couple of years ago, and played with
it a few times, then just got busy with the kids and such.
The kids and I put it on the kitchen table and just started playing with it.
I made a few numbers of various sizes, painted a piece of plywood with
spray chalkboard paint- and there it is!!
My Pottery Barn sign. A much smaller version of course!!
I love it on top of the pallet shelf!!

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1 comment:

NanaDiana said...

Good for you for learning to use that. Your sign is really cute- xo Diana