Monday, January 21, 2013

Too Scared Too Paint!!!

 I am planing on getting a lot of work done on the house really soon!! We have a really really small kitchen, as I have stated before. When we bought the house 9 years ago, it was a decent size for our family, but since then we have grown in many ways!! (Add in a few more kids)...and so it is that we NEED a much bigger kitchen, but in order to expand it we would lose a bedroom. Not in the budget this year, as we need a new roof, but a possibilty for next year!! Until then I will love it for what it least I have a kitchen (home) of my own!! Much to be thankful for itself!!
 So as I walk around I see things that need to be painted or cleaned. One of which- our old living room furniture. This coffee table was handed down to me from my grandma and I just don't have the guts to paint it!! Same with my dining room set. An antique set from my grandmothers friend, I am just too scared to paint it white!!
Oh well... for now I will just love it and live with it!!

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Cheryl said...

Paint it--- make it "yours" silly! If you don't, it will forever be "grandmas table"... trust me, I'm old, I know these things!
big hugs,