Monday, October 15, 2012

Love old sweater!

I spend way too much time studying my Pottery Barn catalogs and pinterest! If only I studied this much for school !! I find some of the prettiest things, but so expensive! I could feed my family for a week for what one item cost! Thanks to pinterest and they many many creative bloggers out there, it is so easy to get the look you want for pennies!!
One awesome thing I noticed lately is the old sweater repurposing projects! I love the look for fall and winter so decided to see what I could do.
A trip to the local Goodwill and I found the lamp, first a bluish color, I repainted it silver and found an old sweater for a few dollars and covered the shade. It is not perfect, as I am not good at covering lamps, but this is my first!
With some of the left over sweater sleeve I covered the glass candle holder I bought from the Dollar Tree.  The jar of pinecones is a actually a pickle jar!!
A few weeks earlier my grandmother and I made the sweater pillows. The look great too!!
I used the left over sleeves from the sweater pillows and made the glass covers for my Dollar Tree candle holders for the mantle.
We live in the south so it doesn't get too cold, but I like to be snuggly and comfy during the fall and winter months. I feel like this helps me to achieve this, since we don't get the very cold weather which makes it feel more like winter! Not that I am complaining, I can't even drive in the rain, let alone snow!! So no snow for us is a good thing!!! LOL
Stay safe and warm my friends!


Red Rose Alley said...

You are doing so many wonderful projects that are costing very little. The sweater idea is nice, and it makes your little space look so cozy and warm. Love the lantern.

Bethany@ said...

Thanks for following my blog! I had to come visit! I love your sweater crafts, so genius to recycle items you already have! Looking forward to a new blog friendship. :)