Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sticks and Stones

I have gotten so many compliments on my stones that I thought I'd share them on my blog!
For Mothers Day this year my children painted these concrete stones we bought at Lowes and
placed them out front for me!
How sweet!! What wonderful memories and a great way to add color to any garden or front lawn!
Please excuse the mess! Our grass still needs to grow in between the stones and we are going to have the sidewalk pressured washed as well. I have no idea why the previous owners painted all the sidewalks and driveway!!! Anyway.....thats a hug project we need to tackle, but no it the hottest time of the year- so it has to wait for now!!


CottageBliss said...

CUTE CUTE!! What a sweet Mommy's Day gift!

The previous owners of our last house glued a fake grass carpet onto the concrete walkway...bright green...lol!

Your outside decorations are so pretty.


Lori said...

All the pretty flowers! The stones are precious, and I love the pink columns holding the flowers too! Happy Fourth! Love ya, Lori

*Noelle* said...

those are cute! i wondered where the HECK you disappeared too!!!

glad you are back:)