Thursday, February 19, 2009

Looking in....

Just thought I'd share some pics of my home and some of my thrift store finds. I rearranged my dining room table so it is going a different way and I think I like it. It is a small change which I like to change things up around here without getting too crazy! The living room I go back and forth with. For Christmas time I have to put the couch along the wall because of the tree, but I like it the way it is now as it seems more cozy- a little tight when we play wii, but we deal!

The tea cups I found at a thrift store. I bought 4 plates and 4 cups and paid 2.00 for it all.
The small white pitcher was .50 and the vintage hankie was 1.25, the small white bowl was only .30 and the rose plate with gold edging was 1.00. I made out pretty good yesterday. I love my thrifting. I started thrifting several years ago when my husband and I got our first place. It was so cheap to get the things we needed and I found at those prices I could also get the things I wanted. A few years later after I got pregnant with our twins I found thrifting was necessary!!
Now it has become a favorite hobby! I love the hunt!!! When I find great deals, it feels good too.
I know I got a great bargain while helping charity at the same time!!
Ok...not just a hobby....lets be addiction!!
I look for thrift stores everywhere I go!!
In fact for Easter we are traveling up north to see family and I am already planning out all the thrift stores I want to explore. I am going to plot them all out on my GPS and drag my dear hubby along for the ride!! LOL
I wonder what kind of neat stuff I will find!!


Lori said...

Oh cutie, everything is so stunning! I had to laugh cause we have the same ovens! So happy to see all your pretties and the frou-frou Easter tree! Love,Lori

jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your home looks lovely and I love your banner!!