Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mommy's stocking

I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit.
I made this pretty stocking this morning.
I bought the plain white stocking at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 and embellihed the
stocking at home with items I had in my craft draw.
I like it! I think it came out pretty.
The baby's stocking will be Teddy Bear Tea Party theme and the other kids I still
have yet to plan.
Next week the kids will be home (yes for the whole week) and so I am trying to
plan arts and crafts activites for them.
One day we will make a gingerbread house!! I can't wait!!


Terri said...

Do you make your gingerbread house home-made or do you buy the kits? I usually buy the kits and the kids have fun making them, but Yuck! I guess I am just an old scrooge at heart! LOL
P.S. the stockings are beautiful!

WhineNRoses said...

Thanks Terri-
Yes I buy the kits!!!
My kids have alot of fun with them too!!