Friday, September 13, 2013

Pallet Coffee Table

Taking apart a wood pallet is not easy!! Trying not to damage any of the wood, sawing off the nails, it is such hard work!! My poor husband!!
I supervise, which let me tell you is not easy in the Florida heat!!
I have to make sure he is staying on task, bringing him an ice cold water, and giving him words of encouragement! I guess if I got rid of some stuff in my garage, then he'd actually be able to use the garage for projects!!
But nonetheless, dear hubby works hard to make me happy!!
I know he is loving this new wood pallet obsession I have, too. It is more his style as well. And considering what my home looked like a few years back.
I guess pink and frilly wasn't his thing!
But he is happy happy happy now and so am I !!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I love burlap!!

 Something about burlap that just screams out to me! I love the texture, the smell, the look!
So many things can be made with some simple and inexpensive burlap.
 I have some fall touches to my home. This is just the beginning.
I wrapped some glass votives with old sweaters and found the cute little owl at Walmart for just a few
Just wish it would cool down some!!