Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dining Room

I spend way too much time online!
Between blogs and facebook, and then somehow getting sucked into pinterest!!
I came across a great idea from
Where she printed up an image from the
The graphics Fairy
and then aged the paged with coffee!!
What a wonderful project!!
I tried it on a Dollatr Tree candle and it looks marvelous!!

Happy weekend,

Friday, June 28, 2013

One room three ways linky party

                                                                      2011.............. My house was styled in the shabby romantic style for 7 years!! I loved it, it was cozy, warm and romantic!! All the pink, the roses, candles, tea cups, tea pots and faux treats.
                                                                   2011.... It felt like a candy shop!
Then something changed............. I needed a change.
Maybe it was having a baby boy after 4 girls that made me decide I needed a change.
Just wasn't sure what I wanted!!

                                                                     2012..... Well I picked the right color, but the house was lacking something- warmth!!
I always wanted a welcoming home to come into.
                                                  2011- and this just wasn't it!
Not yet at least!
I finally am getting it !!! The look I want without all the frill.
Everyone in the house likes it. Not so much pink for them!
I loved the pink, don't get me wrong. But it was a little too much with 5 kids!!
So we added some crown molding and a faux mantle for me to have fun and decorate for the holidays.

All though my house changes almost daily, they are suttle changes. New curtains, new tablecloth. A floral arrangement here and there.
the dining room table is another project I hope to get done by the holidays 2013.
Next weekend we are finishing up my faux butcherblock countertops in the kitchen!
Can't wait for that one!! 

So because my dining was literally One Room Three Ways I am linking up to the party!!
Come back and visit us here at the den!!

What a great way to spend a summer day!!
This linky party is awesome!!
Have a great weekend.