Saturday, February 19, 2011

New kitchen...sorta....

ok..when I say we made over our super cheap- I mean we did it SUPER CHEAP!!!

How about 150.00 cheap!?!??

Oh yeah...well we did!!!
Very cheapo!!
We started by buying beadboard wallpaper for 15.96 a roll. We took down all thedoors and draws and pasted them on.
Next we painted the cabinets all white.
After they dried we painted the beadboard white. It looks so clean and crisp.
As for the countertops we bought peel and stick tile for 30.00 a box (only needed 2) and glued them down the ugly laminate counters. Wow!!
What a difference!!!
I made the curtains from plain panels from Walmart and added blue striped fabric and ribbon to the ends.
I love the way it all looks!!!!
Added a new track light to the mix and there you go!!!
Cheap!! Cheap!!
I love the way it looks and feels so clean and new!!!!