Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our new addition

This is Bentley! He is our new Maltese. Isn't he sweet? He loves to be held and dresses pretty sharp! He is definately a lap dog. When not being held he is on the couch waiting for me!
He is about a year and half old so we don't have to worry about housetraining!! Yeah!!
He has a sweet little face and loves lots of attention! He is getting adjusted to the girls too.
We just adore him!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Before and after

This is the before pic. Doesn't look too great-
huge TV, ugly sliding glass doors and just a mixture of stuff.


Some finished projects!!
New floors, french doors replaced the sliding glass doors that were falling apart. Big TV- gone!
Yes there is still alot more work that needs to be done, but what a difference!!
All this work and I now really love my house!
I have two pieces of wood furniture under the white shelves that we refinished and my grandma gave me the beautiful curio.
I still would like to get a nice sectional in here, but my sofa and love seat are only 5yrs old!! They just need a good cleaning and some slipcovers!! I do think a sectional would free up even more space!
It is now so much brighter in here and we love it!!